This is just a petition to put the game\'s greatest player on its biggest stage, the basketball hall of fame. He deserves it moreso than Shaq, or Dr J, or Bob Cousy, or \"Pistol\" Pete Marovich. Seriously.






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    From Sugar To S**T, United States

    2 years ago State: -
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    Comments: I had the privilege of meeting Dyron Nix about 7 months ago and he appeared to be a nice guy. I must say, however, that he is a TOTALLY different person than he lets on. He informed me that he was a working guy but it was obvious that he was hard on his luck (i.e. living in a cold basement with his Cousins -who I think were his parents- living freely upstairs, driving a different car every week,etc..). After a sob story about his finances and the threat of terrible trouble he asked that I loan him $1500. I took out a loan that boosted the loan by $500 but he promised to pay and because of the time we spent together everyday I didn't think he would do the infamous. Now I am stuck with a bill and he refuses to answer any of my calls. I am now left with filing a civil suit to sue him for my funds. I plan to also celebrate him on billboards, through social media and news outlets in case I am not the only "victim". The mug shot photos posted online of his arrests were on point and not to be ignored. Shame on you Dyron Nix! I will see you in court. 7/13 :sigh:
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    Steve Andrews, United States

    6 years ago State: FL
    Country: US
    Comments: As Nolan Richardson once told me, "That kid can jump out of the gym." And he was the best running back on my youth football team. That should qualify him.
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    seroitu@gmail.com seroitu@gmail.com, United States

    7 years ago State: AL
    Country: US
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