David Ward needs to be fired!

David Ward AKA D.Ward If you had D.Ward your probably agree you he needs to get fired. We all paid money for this course and the teacher doesn't know what he is teaching. Here is the list of complaints: - He only covers the sideshow notes but his quizzes cover more than that. So it is impossible to get perfect on it. - He seems to teach him self the day before class - When asking a question, he stalls for 10 minutes. If he has answers, it takes him an additional 20 minutes, struggling. - He does not seem to know the course material - Struggles with examples - Seems to stare of in space in class -Contradicts himself in his lesson plans -Does not do immediate marking -Constantly underestimates computer ,example, typing too fast will overload the computer -In class, he only reads slides, and does not teach. -Does not know how to operate Seneca Blackboard -Does not show up for class at times -Takes too much time in setting up lesson plans -Does not give the full amount time for quizzes and mid term - Does seem to be teaching at all - Doesn't know how to mark properly example: 12.85/15 - Come late to class - Not organized etc It you had d.ward mostly likely you had suffered with all of the above complaints Please sign


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    Chris Aitken, Canada

    7 years ago Comments: FIRE DAVID WARD IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!! He scared my life - My little sister wants him fired too
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    DWARD, Canada

    7 years ago
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    Will, Canada

    7 years ago Comments: Where to start with this Ward. after numerous warning from friends i decided to attend the class, i failed miserably. Mr Ward is Inept at teaching; sometimes even forgets he has a class to teach. one day he spent the entire class attempting to figure out how to log into blackboard. he made ti difficult for the sudents to learn anything past the second week
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