Dynasty Warriors 6: Japanese Voice Acting PSN Download Plea

ATTN: KOEI Corporation, North American subsidiary. Each successive installment of the Warriors franchise is always a welcome addition to fans of the series. However, to a good percentage Warriors fans, the lack of the Japanese voice option in DW6 is disheartening. KOEI corp has the tendency to produce lack luster English voice talent when dubbing the games for Western release. Dynasty Warriors 6 is no exception. Fans have made it quite clear on Koei.com and Koei Warriors forums that there is a good amount of gamers who do in fact prefer the Japanese voice overs. With all the space available on next gen discs, there\'s really no excuse not to include the option. So please, do your loyal, money-paying fans this one small favor! Also to note is that is isn\'t just fans who feel this way, but game reviewers! Ign.com, for instance, gave Dynasty Warriors 6 a 3 out of 10 in terms of sound! And I directly quote the reviewer, Ryan Clements, \"Sound: Some of the most atrocious voice acting around. Why not include the original Japanese language track\" Hopefully, this makes it clear that all fans who prefer Japanese voice overs are not simply looking for something to complain about. It\'s a real issue to a good amount of fans. We, the below signed request the option to have the Japanese voice option available to download (for free, of course) via the Playstation Network/Xbox Live. It\'s a small request and we believe fans deserve to have the choice whether they want English voice acting or Japanese. Thank you for your time, and we hope you will take this into consideration.


Fan\'s of Koei\'s Dynasty Warriors series, gamers, and Japanese language enthusiasts.


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    Cris, El Salvador

    7 years ago Comments: I would like that you release Dynasty Warrior 6 with voices in japanese and subtitle in inglis please.
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