Drop Legal Action Against Micah Hall and The Fans Network

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Dear Pascal Najadi,

We the undersigned  urge you to withdraw your threats of legal action against Micah Hall and The Fans Network.

We do not believe that issuing any kind of law suit against either party is a constructive way of countering any unfair claims that you feel that Mr Hall has made against you or your businesses.

Micah Hall is an independent blogger and hard-working family man who happens to be a passionate supporter of Portsmouth Football Club, and to that end he has published a series of articles and blog posts relating to the ownership and financial issues over the club.

He is not a professional journalist, and he makes no profit from his blogs.

You are a wealthy and successful businessman with the power of a public relations firm, as well as solicitors and lawyers you can instruct to do your bidding. Yet you also have enough influence within the media to put your message across in the mainstream press and counter any of the aspects of Micah Hall's blogs that you feel to misrepresent you or are unfair.

Indeed, Fans Network, who published Micah Halls' articles, have complied with part of your request and removed the post that you object to. Micah Hall himself gave you the opportunity of right-of-reply.

We believe in freedom of speech. We believe that independent bloggers and writers should be able to express their views, if they are published without malice and in good faith.

We also believe that you should have the right to defend yourself. We urge you to use the tools of the media, press and publicity to counter Micah hall's comments should you see necessary.

We believe that litigation against an individual such as Micah Hall will only serve to damage your reputation and attract unwanted publicity to yourself and your business operations.

Pursuing Micah Hall for financial damages can only be seen as spiteful and vindictive, and an attack against a man who genuinely has a passion for his club and his community.

Your threat of legal action against the Fans Network is also troubling. There are many social networking and blogging platforms that writers use to convey their message. Taking action against them is akin to shooting the messenger, and they have become the unfortunate third-party in this dispute.

Neither party has acted with malicious intent against you. We believe you can preserve your integrity by abandoning your litigation and instead counter any claims that Mr Hall makes against you in the press or through website posts to address the points you feel are incorrect.

Should you continue to pursue legal action agaisnt against either party, we will continue to use all legal means necessary to publicise this action and defend Micah Halls and all bloggers rights to express their opinions.

‘I stand by my story and will fight them every step of the way.’  Micah Hall

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This petition has been created by Dan Lacey an independent blogger, portsmouth FC supporter and member of the Pompey Supporters Trust. His views are his own.


Visit us at whorunsmyclub.co.uk for more information.

Read Micah Hall's blogs at Fans Network

If you have a paypal account, you can make a donation to help cover Micah Hall's court costs by sending a donation to SOS_Pompey@hotmail.co.uk


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