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A show of how government can keep its promises, the tolls on Georgia SR-400 are eliminated now that the route has been paid off.

However, it does seem wasteful to let the booths themselves end up in the junkyard. What about those drivers that still wish for an easy way to contribute to the community? That want to give their spare change toward bettering metro Atlanta for everyone?

We are proposing two toll lanes to stay open beginning January 1, 2014 for voluntary donations to:

1. Chattahoochee Riverkeeper Organization -- to maintain Georgia's river for generations. 400 Northbound.

2. United Way of Greater Atlanta -- to support change in education, health, and homelessness. 400 Southbound.

We all drive over it. Now, we can drive for it.


  • Jenna I think this is a wonderful idea.

  • Anonymous duh

  • Matt Ivers Agree totally

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  • They should never have gotten rid of the toll. It was the best bargain in the country and if you've driven through tolls in other states, you'd realize this. For frequent users, they could have given a discount for drivers with the "Peace Pass." And what about all the people who lost their jobs doing something to raise revenue in a fair tax sort of way? Those dollars could have been used for road improvements and upkeep. Is it fiscally sound to spend over 3 million dollars to remove the toll plaza? I don't think so. Yes, leave the booths and vary the charities from month to month or quarter to quarter. Make it a volunteer contribution, because, goodness knows, we don't want to force anyone to help anyone else. It might make us feel good. Happy Thanksgiving.
  • #drivethechange
  • Contribute your autograph, not your dollars!
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