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This message is to urge pitbull owners of a legislature act, that will effect responsible owners who love their pitbulls. Please get involved. BSL (Breed-specific laws) have been ruled unconstitutional and has been proven that any one breed, is any more vicious than another, and would not be legal to target them. It violates the 14th amendment to the constitution. (No state shall deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law) Our pets are considered our property. According to the American Temperment Test Society, the pitbull scored higher than the Golden Retriever, Akita, Austrailian Shephard and many others on their temperament test. We own two of the nicest pitbulls ever. They\'ve been raised around children ages 2 and up, sleep in our beds and are very well behaved. They are house dogs and do not know what it is like to be caged or tied outside. I feel that we, and others like us that are responsible pit owners should not suffer for others who improperly handle their dogs. A responsible pit owner can control an act of potential harm before it even occurs. My heart goes out to the child that was recently attacked by the pitbull. But punish the owner of that dog for whatever reason the dog was allowed to become vicious. When these animals are abused and trained to be vicious, sure they become a ticking time bomb. But the same applies to any breed. Don\'t punish us responsible pitbull owners who have control over our dogs. Maryland BSL, Bill No. 70-07 Owners of pitbulls, American Staffordshire terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, or any mix that contains any of these breeds must: Pay a license fee of $100.00, a pitbull shall be kept in a secure enclosure on the premises, and locked at all times. The owner must post a sign alerting that a pitbull is on the premises. When out of the enclosure, the pitbull is to be muzzled at all times. Locking our dogs and muzzling them, are going to make these dogs mean. To read the legislation entirely go to link: We must fight this. Please help stop BSL before our dogs are punished for being born a pitbull. Please sign my petition so we can forward this to the County Council of Balto. Co. Md. to council members Gardina & Oliver. Thank you so much for getting involved, together we can fight this. When raised properly the pitbull is very affectionate, loyal and an exceptional pet.


My name is Darlene Rehbein and I am sponsoring the petition. As a responsible owner of two pitbulls, I need your help in stopping BSL. Us individuals who are responsible enough to have control over our pitbulls, should not have to suffer for those who don\'t. Our dogs should not be discriminated against because they were born a pitbull. PUNISH THE DEED, NOT THE BREED. Please help by signing my petition. The link to my website is



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    MEGAN FLYNN, United States

    3 years ago Comments: Not only is this absolutly unjust, but there is no way they can regulate this. So many dogs are mixed with pitbulls, how could this be enforced? When I rescued my pit she was labeled as a boxer mix, so on all her paperwork she is considered a boxer....suck it omalley!!
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    Jessica Spears, United States

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    Felicity Lynch, United Kingdom

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