Dragon's Dogma for PC

This is a petition asking Capcom to release Dragon's Dogma for PC. If you're interested in buying a PC release of Dragon's Dogma then please sign this petition! With enough signatures, Capcom might just take notice.

Note that you don't need to sign with your real name, a nickname is acceptable. You do need to write an email address, but it isn't shown or used for anything (besides confirming you're a unique signer).

Why would a PC version of Dragon's Dogma be interesting? Here's some good reasons:

- High stable framerate. Console versions of the game are locked at 30fps, and frequently drop into the 20's.

- Support for higher resolutions. Console versions render at 1280x608 (which means black borders at the top and bottom of the screen).

- It's a great open world action RPG with plenty of new ideas (a class system which encourages playstyle experimentation, very customizable AI party members and more). RPGs tend to be popular on PC (*cough*skyrim*cough) so it sounds like it would be a perfect fit for the platform.


Thread about Dragon's Dogma for PC on official Capcom forums


  • nicko van lear love the game hope it comes out on PC

  • Yoshiaki hell yeah we need this game for PC!

  • Anonymous I a fan of the dragons dogma series i own consoles and pc i would die to own it on pc . we want to be able to play it on 1080p 60 fps.

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