Dows Sketboard Park

As one of hundreds of youth in Dows, Ia, I have seen the need for recreational activities in this community. The idea we have come up with is a Skateboard park for the kids of the community to play at. There currently is no activity available outside of school and church and a seasonal pool. This leaves a lot of free time with no outlet that is designed to keep our youth out of trouble. They are then free to roam the streets, as they currently do, and this also gives them easy access to participate in activities that create problems. Parents would be aware of the physical liabilities this park would have for the youth and would be required to sign a waiver for anyone under the age of 18. This would prevent any liability from falling onto the community or the city of Dows. There would need to be someone assigned to upkeep the park and maintain its functionality. These could be volunteers or chosen by the city. We propose that if we aquire 200 or more signatures from people who would like to see this park up and running, that for every dollar we raise on our own, the city of Dows, or its resources match it dollar for dollar. We will be in charge of the fundraising, and have a third party be accountable for the funds raised. We are open for negotiations on this matter, however, we would like to see it presented at the appropriate meeting or council advisory board, within the next 6 months.


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