No Clamping in Peppermint Road Hitchin

This petition is to voice our objections to Trinity Estates and tell them we do not want some clamping company operating on our estate. They are introducing clamping in our road, there is no parking problem, generally most people are respectful of the marked bays, but now under the new rules a visitor to our properties can only stay for 4 hours and can't return for 12. why should anyone dictate how long your visitor can stay If someone parks in your bay and gets clamped, you can't park there either, so you could now end up clamped if you try to park in another bay. There is no need for clamping, there is no problem with parking we want to be able to police ourselves, to be able to park and allow our visitors to park without risk of being clamped, if someone parks in our bays a polite note is all that is needed, not a wheel clamp and £120 charge! SAY NO TO CLAMPING IN PEPPERMINT ROAD, HITCHIN


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    Daure Dempster, United Kingdom

    7 years ago Comments: It's ridiculous. Do they think the residents of Peppermint Court have no friends or family So inconsiderate. I wouldn't mind if there were places to park nearby, but there isn't. It's pretty dangerous to send my friends trooping across sainsbury's car park when it's dark as it's the only place they can park. There wasn't a problem before and most occupants have more than one car per flat. Clamping is completely unfair and is very greedy.
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    victoria jones, United Kingdom

    7 years ago Comments: looking at this petition we really need more people to get involved and sign, i got that letter too, i cant believe it, the face that they are giving us incentives for our visitors to visit longer, its up to us how long they stay...
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    D Appoh, United Kingdom

    7 years ago
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