Don't Let Josie Cunningham Go On Big Brother

Josie Cunningham is a 24 year old self proclaimed 'model' from Leeds who rose into fame for the wrong reasons following a boob job on the NHS.

She then entered into prostitution after having the boob job because the NHS rightly refused to decrease the size of them for free for her.
Now Channel 5 have offered her a space on Big Brother. Following this news, Josie has openly admitted that she will ABORT her 4 month baby to get on the program so she can progress with her fame.

This petition page has been set up so Channel 5 can realise that although they enjoy controversy, in letting Josie Cunningham join Big Brother, they are actually letting her KILL an unborn child. Who is more in the wrong here? Josie or Channel 5?

Please sign this petition to show your concern, after losing a child myself, I can only long for another one now and I'm sure there are plenty of childless women out there who long for a child too. We are having to sit here and watch someone needlessly kill an unborn child for fame.

This 'fame' that will be shortly found by Josie will only be negative, what has she done to become famous? Nothing but negative things that I would only have nightmares about.

Lets put an end to this and stop this now.


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    Bryna McVay

    9 months ago Comments: she only wants attention, she would not be a successful additive to the show. it's wrong that she should threaten sometimes life to be on tv.
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    A Dekkers

    9 months ago Comments: -
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    JodieAnn Badley, United Kingdom

    9 months ago Comments: Really appauling, knocks me sick, I'm pregnant and I'd never do that, my baby will always come first!
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