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Although violence in the real world is a horrible thing...It was, in fact, an important part of the stylized feel of Borderlands 1. Toning down the violence in Borderlands 2 speaks to a world in which artistic integrity is compromised in order to appease to the groups who would speak out against such violence, and overall to avoid controversy. Developers need to be free to express their visions, this is a mature game and should be treated as such. The responsibility of shielding adolescent gamers from extreme violence is on their guardian, not the developer.

EDIT- Let me be clear, I LOVE THIS GAME and I LOVE GEARBOX. This is in no way an anti or negative petition.

I'll quote myself from another thread so people are clear of my intentions:

"Dont look at it like we are bringing out the soap boxes to make this a earth shattering issue. Look at it like, this was a feature everyone loved from the first game. They removed it for one reason or another...and chances are they didnt even want to, but had to. We are simply letting it be known that we miss the feature and hope they can find a way to implement it in the future...thats all.

Great game, great devs, the petition just puts a solid number to an opinion. "




  • Neil Need to make my guns feels good again like borderlands 1 because everything is making the game good but gore toned down is just bad enough to handicap my experience with my loot especially when i use snipers to head shot someone not able to see a decapitated body makes my gun feel very weak

  • John Sclafani Any game that represents violence......should make it look that way, and the only way to do that would be to have real blood that stays on the screen for a long time and real decapitations and severed limbs. As of right now, this game does not correctly represent a MATURE rated game.

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