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Many channels on television, such as Cartoon Network, restrict the content of cartoons based on Religious and Conservative opinions. Despite the entire continent of North America being pro-homosexual marriage legally, shows such as Adventure Time have gotten ban threats due to a single reference to a potential female-female couple being IMPLIED. Likewise, many characters on many shows have had to be recreated from scratch due to them mysteriously being 'offensive'. It is time that Cartoon Network, to begin with, joins our century. We cannot be restricting things like this and encouraging prejudices by making things taboo. The least we can do is make these issues come up in an accepting stance, especially shows with high standards and the wish to avoid offending anyone. On top of that, we cannot be restricting shows just because someone from one of the many religions we have has decided that they get to be the judge on what is 'moral'. There are things I think are far worse than a single 'hint' at homosexuality, and with more and more LGBT issues in our community being out in the open, our children need a way to be introduced to such things without bias. A friendly way of stating the facts. To make matters worse, LGBT issues are not the only things getting shows ban threats from these tyrants. Even inoffensive characters can do this, if CN doesn't agree with what those characters are. In short, CN is forcing shows to do what it wants, instead of what the developers want. If you want to give your children a child-friendly way to learn more about each other, compassion, themselves, and the world, not to mention to stop television channels from abusing their power and threatening to ban shows just because the channel doesn't like something the show said, sign this petition, and let's help make Cartoon Network just that: a network for cartoons, instead of, selfishly, choosing the cartoons for the network.



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    Amanda, United States

    2 years ago Comments: -
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    Arielle Winters, United States

    2 years ago Comments: stop the censorship. this is a free country and according to the constitution there are free media rights and the networks shouldn't block references. if you don't want your kid to watch it, don't let them. and for the things like gay marriage? let it go. if they want it in their cartoons let them put it in. it's not a big deal, i support it, and people need to realize that it really shouldn't matter-it's not a crime.
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    Toni, Canada

    2 years ago Comments: This is a sad, and true, reality. If there is a way to make this change, I'm all for it. I'm sick and tired of seeing my favourite shows get banned or cancelled because the big cheese at some stupid office decides he/she doesn't like it.
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