Get Molly a donkey!

I want a donkey. I've researched donkeys, and know almost everything about them. Here is a little paper I made with some info on donkeys.Please sign my petition to get me a donkey! ************************************************************************** When imaging the perfect animal companion you might think of a dog, cat, pony, or even a rabbit. One companion animal that is often overlooked it the donkey. That's right, a donkey. Donkeys are actually easy to care for most of the time and become attached to their people so that they make great pets. Donkeys are originally from north Africa. The ancient Egyptians used them to pull carts. Donkeys were so efficient they were sold to traders all around the world. The conquistadors brought the donkeys to south America where they gain popularity if a beast of burden. In the United States, donkeys are usually found on farms. Since donkeys are herd animals, they are kept with ponies, goats, sheep, or other donkeys. Donkeys are known to guard their herd from coyotes or dogs. Although they are great at guarding, they also help calm down frightened ponies. Donkeys are easy to care for if you are prepared to take care of one. Donkeys need a field of grass to eat. In the winter, if the grass it dead, you might need to feed her timothy hay. Also, donkeys always need a clean supply of water to drink. Since donkeys have hooves, they need to have their hooves cleaned and trimmed so they do not over grow. Donkeys hate water, so they will need a shelter where they can hide from the rain. Donkeys make great companions or pets. They are intelligent animals who learn to love their owner. They are easy to care for, and require little. They are great with kids, and allow children to ride them. Donkeys are clearly smart, easy to care for animals. I would like a donkey!



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