Byron Residents Against Proposed Dog Park Location

On February 14th the City of London informed only 30 residents in Byron of their proposed plan for a dog off leash park beside Byron Somerset School at the top of the hill (200 meters from a school with no fence). Once the city realized that their would be some opposition to the park they held a public meeting on May 16th. The meeting was not a two way dialog between concerned residents and their city government discussing issues that Ward 7 residents have with the placement of the park. It turned into a sales job by the Parks, Planning and Design Group on why they felt that we needed a park in our neighborhood. London has two dog parks today , Calgary has 200 dog parks so I think they might have a few things figured out. Calgary just passed a city Bylaw prohibiting a dog off leash park with in 40,000 square meters of a school zone, our city wants to place one 200 meters from a school with out a fence. Lets learn from the best of the best in Calgary and find a new location for the dog owners of London to run their dogs. London dog owners are welcome to their part of the tax pie to be used for dog parks when the do not infringe on the safety and well being of others. Our City government has been reluctant to respond to our emails and phone calls so lets let them know that we will hold them accountable this November for their actions.


Concerned Byron Residents


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    Kim Misic, United States

    8 years ago Comments: To put a dog park overlooking a school yard is ridiculous. The children WILL catch the attention of some dogs as loud moving targets. Also Colonel Talbot is becoming a busy mini highway (50 km lol) - it is not even designed for the increased traffic now due to all of the construction. Very bad choice of location. Safety of the children must be first.
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    teresa hitchen, Canada

    9 years ago Comments: as a dog owner I am VERY concerned that this off leash site was selected and for many reasons. Since dogs can't speak for themselves I will. Yes, dogs love to run , but just like children safety has to be NUMBER 1. This site is TOO close to a school & road. Surely, with all the green space London has to offer we can find a far more suitable location where dogs can safely romp.
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    Tracey J DeVuono, Canada

    9 years ago
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