It Doesn't matter if your Skinny or Pretty to win!

Listen Up, I Auditioned for The Clique Contest, and I got one of the most rudest "COMMENTS" I have ever red. It had said something like "listen hun, massie is supposed to be pretty not ugly, i mean come awn" I thought Comments were for Giving COMMENTS and Constrictive Critsisum! The whole Comment was Completely uncalled for.I Sadly don't remember the username because I deleted after I read my comments because I forgot that Music wasn't aloud. If you have been Called Ugly or something Please Message me or Comment my profile, anything uncalled for written on my profile will be deleted. And then everyone goes "Your Fat!" To other peoples auditions, you don't need to be skinny to know how to act, and if they get the part they might have to loose weight form what I heard this was a "Acting" Competion not the "Hottest Girl" Competion! I Apolgize that I am making such a big fit over this but what was written was uncalled for and many others have been uncalled for. Have you noticed that there is only Skinny girls on the Leader Page 1 And that All the Girls with Glasses, ugly people, and 'fat' people are all in the back I am one of the few people on this site that doesn't believe that you have to be pretty or skinny to win a Audition. Just a reminder, This is a Competion to win a Audition in front of Lisi and The Director and other people, It doesn't mean you make it. If you are one of the few people Sighn Here, Please. Contest I am Speaking About;


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    Amanda, United States

    8 years ago Comments: I totally am signing this! I have never been called one of these mean names, but it's terrible that just because people think they're better than everyone else makes them think they can give mean comments!
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