Tell Android to not remove home button functionality

Why is Android making changes that is for the worse by removing a key feature from the platform? In JellyBean 4.2, the ability for car dock apps to override the home button has been removed.

This change in JB 4.2 means that car-dock and home-dock applications that are now autolaunching through a car-dock or NFC tag "trigger" can not be the default "home screen" anymore. 

The use of applications like "car-mode home" makes it safer and more convenient to use the Android phone while driving. These Apps are optimized for the in-vehicle environment and users can seamlessly switch between Music, GPS and Calling applications and when done, press the "home button" and return to the "car-mode home" app.

The ability for an app to become the new "home screen" is a decisive Android benefit today and a truly unique feature not available on alternative platforms. It is also vastly unexploited with much potential going forward as Wireless Carriers are interested in auto launching "no texting while driving" apps and more. Popular applications like CarHome Ultra, Ulysse Speedometer, Slacker Radio or Dailyroads will be less useful as switching to a music app, GPS or making a phone call will make it necessary for the driver to go back and find the app and relaunch it to have the "driver screen" again.

This is potentially dangerous since 100.000's drivers, with increasing numbers daily, are depending on the safety oriented car-dock apps where icons are large and there are shortcuts to the drivers favorite apps.

iBOLT is a manufacturer of car-dock and together with a number of leading App Developers we are asking our customer base and the Android user Community to sign this petition. It will be delivered to Andy Rubin, head the open source Android development efforts. We will together with our App Partners also issue press releases and a video in coming days.


iBOLT CarHome Ultra Ulysse Speedometer


CarHome Ultra app

Ulysse Speedometer app

iBOLT video of HTC car-mode

iBOLT video - Samsung Dock mode

Link to Android developer request


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