Overturn the winner of the Download 'Walk The Dog'

ok so Download Festival ran a competition called 'Walk The Dog' where people had to get the the Download Dog in peoples faces and noticed and spread the word of the Download Festival. Earlier today the winner was announced. The winner was Tristan Allen - you can watch his entry here http://youtube.com/watchv=u4m6y6JJU68 ok just looking at the comments on the video people found that it said: What has this got to do with Download 2007 The last minute of it was just looped The dog featured in 20 seconds of it So we are to assume chavs are evil and therefore should be killed. Nice message. Ozzy was last year - not only that but it was actually Black Sabbath How does this spread the word of Download/Donnington How does this "walk the dog" How does this "get into peoples faces" The quality of it isn't even all that great when you compare it to other videos The video got less views and less ratings than Niles entry into the competition without prompting people to do so this beat entries such as Nile Plumb's - http://www.youtube.com/watchv=02k7PKpDNUE and Janusz Jasinski's entry - http://downloaddog.co.uk so what i'm asking is that if you feel that the winner in undeserving of the prize and you fell that Nile or Janusz should have won please sign this thanks, Matt (matttrolliSOAD)


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    Jenny, United Kingdom

    8 years ago Comments: I didnt enter the comeptition however I do know people who have spent a lot of time and effort on trying to promote the dog. After waiting for two weeks to find out that they hadnt even won, can you imagine their dissapointment when they found out they had lost to this entry How the hell is this promoting the dog This is a mockery to all people who have put time and effort into their entry.
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    Scatman John, United Kingdom

    8 years ago Comments: Maybe not, but Nile Plumb or Janusz Jasinski didn't deserve to win either. And talk about ungrateful brats, I just read Nile's and Janusz's signatures to this. You guys should count yourself lucky for even winning runner up, especially Janusz. There are plenty of entries that contested and couldve beat both of your entries. At the end of the day its down th to the judges simple mindset.
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    Sarah, United Kingdom

    8 years ago Comments: This entry should not have won the competition. Admittedly, the use of modelling was a great idea, but the entry was completely pointless. How does it spread Download to the public It only focuses on conflict between Chavs and Metalheads.
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