Stop the sale of animals on NOW, an eBay company, and their versions of Craigs List has become a huge portal for selling animals. Today, in the St Louis section of Kijiji, there are more than 1500 ads JUST for dogs for sale. See for yourself. Thats a huge percentage of the 4000 total ads currently on Kijiji for the St Louis area. This is sick, it\'s wrong and it should be outlawed or at least brought to the attention of eBay that this is improper and perpetuates abuse, dog fighting, in-breeding, puppy mills, etc etc etc. Email Kijiji\'s Media rep at to let them know how you feel! If they get tons of complaints and delete that email account or quit accepting emails, then go to and use the Contact Us form. Lets put a stop to this NOW!


I am an avid dog lover and find the wholesale of animals cruel, as well as anyone or any company that supports it.



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    Kerby, United States

    6 years ago Comments: Disgusting. There are thousands of homeless pets in this country - we do NOT NEED ANOTHER PET MILL. This is absolutely deplorable.
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    Shayna Mundell, United States

    6 years ago Comments: Sites like these prolong the terrible overpopulation crisis we have in shelters everywhere. It should be stopped immediately. This is why animals are euthanized so often. Complete ignorance and irresponsibility.
    US State: MO
    ZIP code: 63401
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    George Mancuso, United States

    6 years ago Comments: Animals have no voice. How can any human being do this Do they not have any moral fiber
    US State: IA
    ZIP code: 50112
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