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Please sign your name here if you would like the Disney Gallery to remain open, it may be a pointless effort, but every little bit helps. MAybe if there are enough signers,Disney will see that this is an awful mistake. Till then, spread this around, and buy items at the gallery, make it turn a huge profit.


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    Stephanie Rodriguez, United States

    3 years ago Comments: -
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    Kaitlin Gee, United States

    8 years ago Comments: Closing the Disney Gallery in favor of what is to be a suite is THE greatest insult to Mr. Walt Disney. When the Disney Gallery IS the Disney Gallery, open to ALL Disneyland guests, I, like hundreds of other guests each day, take the opportunity to look out the balcony at the Rivers of America to see what Walt and Roy would have seen. I know that there are many other guests like myself who have filed complaints through Main Street City Hall against the closure of the Disney Gallery. Those who do are the die-hard Disney and Disneyland aficionados. We value Mr. Disney's dream. We value his desire to share what he sees with the rest of the world. That was his intention. Making the Disney Gallery exclusive to one guest/family a day robs the rest of your guests the opportunity to see the magic Walt saw and INTENDED for us to see. This may seem like a bunch of sentimental--for lack of a better word--crap, to you folks, but you MUST remember that this was why Disneyland was created in the first place. If you neither respect nor believe in Mr. Disney's vision, why are you working for the company under his name This is the one place secluded from the rest of the park where Disney history thrives. This is where the artifacts that make up the Disney legacy are displayed, in the very place that was meant to belong to the Disney Family. It breaks my heart to know that in the future, every time I pass through New Orleans Square, I can never again get my full share of Disney Magic because there is wasted space above the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction that is no longer what it once was. Chances are, the guest who is selected out of millions of people to stay there for the night will NOT appreciate the history that lives there. This is a nonsensical decision you are making. The Disney Gallery was originally meant to be the Royal Suite for Mr. Disney and his family and friends, and he never had the chance to stay there himself because he passed away before it was completed. Then it was turned into the Disney Gallery which acts as a preservation of Mr. Disney, for ALL to see. And now, you're deciding to let one randomly selected guest STAY overnight in what was supposed to be Walt Disney's It was intended to be used for Mr. Disney's pleasure and because that obviously did not happen, it should be open to those HE intended to please, ALL the guests who enter Disneyland Park. I am sixteen-and-a-half years old. I never had the chance to be in Mr. Disney's presence. Every time I visit the Disney Gallery, I look out the balcony during his favorite time of day, "just about sundown," and I see what he would have seen. Just being there makes me feel a strong connection to Mr. Disney. I feel what he feels. I see what he sees. ALL guests, not randomly selected, should be given the right and the opportunity to look through Mr. Disney's eyes. So I beg of you, please let the Disney Gallery be. It is one of the last few quiet treasures remaining that continues to keep the Disney spirit alive.
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    E. Gerry Hoard, United States

    8 years ago Comments: The Gallery is a wonderful place to show us so many parts of the Disney Mystique. I will be missed as a regular part of the Disneyland experience. Please reconsider.
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