June 16, 2009 Dear Mr./Ms. My name is Ana Vinueza, and I am a junior at Chester Academy, Chester NY. I am writing to you to express my concern regarding the way I was falsely accused and unfairly punished at my school. I sincerely hope that you can help me with support from your organization. Let me explain my situation. A group of girls created a false rumor about my behavior and conspired to use said rumor to remove me from my presidency of the National Honor Society. This was a position I earned through democratic election. My main concern is that the school was unable to promote fairness when the accusers were allowed to get their way. Additionally, the School and the National Honor Society chapter failed to use proper procedures to handle the situation. These girls complained to the Principal, who then allowed them to have a meeting to review my presidency. I was never informed by the principal about the complaint or about the purpose of the meeting. My parents were never informed either. I was assumed to be guilty without evidence and I was denied the opportunity to properly defend myself. I strongly believe that the National Honor Society here failed to uphold its ideals. Overall, I find it unreasonable that these girls were able to get permission from the school to openly attack my reputation and endanger my future. I feel victimized by the school because they were unable to defend my lawful rights to an environment free from harassment and discrimination. I would really appreciate if you could assist me in my struggle with a support letter. I hope that I have best conveyed to you the unfairness that I have been treated with. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Ana Vinueza cc. Mr. Jorge Merchan President. 41 a tu lado Univision Latino Democratic Party Senator Ruben Diza Mr. Michael Sussman: Human Rights Activist Ms. Pamela Chergiotis. StrausNewspaper


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