The laws can be changed. We are human too!

I would like to send many supporting signatures to Florida


This petition should be signed by indivisuals who have the right to vote and share the same passion and beliefs as I. This petition is being sponsored by myself: Dishon S. Porter and Anyone who is willing to also sponsor this cause feel free to contact me at


There are other related petitions available to view and support on If you have any questions or concerns about this felen review board, please contact me at That you for your support and opinion.


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    Martin Thomas, United States

    1 year ago State: Tennessee
    Country: United States
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    Joel Kubik, United States

    4 years ago State: Iowa
    Country: United States
    Comments: I am a convicted felon who has these same problems every day and I agree with this letter and I support it. I had to face employers with this felony on record after I did my time in jail,paid the fines and I still to this day am judged for this crime. I'm not asking for people to forget about it like it didn't happen cause it did, but I would like for people to stop judging me,the courts and the state where I live have already done that. I have been a very productive person since this happened but cause I've been lucky I guess to find a great job but to find a place to live. There's a lot of people who do stupid thing's in our country that haven't been caught but still look at people like me and say " What a scum bag" I am because I caught and they didn't. I support this cause and I hope this get's to somebody that has brain one in there head and see were we are coming from with this, we are still people who need too live here.
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    ikyjfngnta, Latvia

    5 years ago State: Iowa
    Country: United States Minor Outlying Islands
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