Dirt Trails for El Dorado Hills CA

Signing this petition simply states that you support and want more dirt (natural surface) trails in El Dorado Hills, California. We want an enjoyable cohesive dirt trail network that is functionally useful. Trails should be fun to use, interconnected with each other, lead to places of interest, and accessible throughout the community. Users of dirt trails span all age, social, and economic groups. Activities on dirt trails include hiking, trail running, mountain biking, and simply enjoying nature. Americans spend over $650 Billion annually for outdoor recreation. We believe citizens in EDH are especially active people who love exercising and recreation on rugged (non-manicured) natural surfaces. Simple dirt trails are relatively cheap to build and maintain. Trails support our community economically, socially, and spiritually. Trails promote healthy individuals and a healthy community. Trails increase the value of our homes and the El Dorado Hills community area generally. Support having more dirt trails in the local community by signing this petition.

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  • James Scott This community is well-suited for more dirt trails. It would be perfect if the trails could be used to connect many of the community recreational resources we have in the area. Taking the kids for a walk or bike ride to the park is much better than getting in the car. Creating a network of trails out of the collection of smaller trails we have would be an excellent use of resources

  • Bryan Gast more, more and more open space and dirt!

  • Mike Crawford There are a few nice dirt trails here in EDH, but there is definitely room for a lot more. Dirt trails are a low cost, low maintenance recreation asset for a multitude of users. We've got an abundance of room around and in between our various villages and developments, and most if us would prefer to see as much of the natural landscape remain as possible. Let's build more of something that many can use and enjoy, while keeping that unique foothill feel that we all love so well.

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