Dinnertime or Lunchtime

Which is correct Dinnertime or Lunchtime. Kids take their dinner money to school but use a lunch box for sandwiches. There is a TV programme called dinnerladies but none called lunchladies. You join the dinner queue not the lunch queue. You use the term Dog\'s dinner - not dogs lunch. Which is correct


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    Jennifer, United Kingdom

    8 years ago Comments: Me and my Boyfriend bicker about this all the time, he calls it lunch time and the evening meal dinner time, where as i call the evening meal tea time!! What is the right answer!! Whenever i say, are we having some dinner he says its too early... GRRRRR
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    Melanie, United Kingdom

    8 years ago Comments: Dinnertime!!!!
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    J Coulthard, United Kingdom

    9 years ago Comments: It's a North & South thing, which I get fed up with living in the south but originally from the north. When I was a kid, although born in the north east we travelled alot, being an army kid, but I can always remember coming in at 5pm for my tea & if I was lucky supper at 7. Anyone shouting on the street for Dinner time at 5pm would have to be mad as I'd assume they were shouting their dog in!! Similar debate is how many 'R's in Newcastle, Lasagne, Bath, Fast, Mask etc...
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