Baby changing tables in every public restroom

Have you every taken your child into a restroom to change his/her diaper, only to find that your only resource to do so is a hard marble slab, a porcelein sink, or NOTHING AT ALL I have - one too many times - and it drives me CRAZY! How is that right or fair to the parents OR their children I remember one time when I went into a \"family restaurant\" that had no diaper deck on which to change my daughter\'s diaper. I ended up having to go out in the rain, to my mini-van, to change her. I then asked the manager if it was indeed a \"family restaurant\" and when she said, \"Yes, it is\", I asked her how that was possible when their bathroom clearly did not accomodate young family members. The manager was understandably speechless. My husband has also felt this frustration when taking my son (now 9) or daughter (now 3) into a restroom for this reason, only to leave before the task could be completed. Let\'s face it: how many men\'s rooms actually allow for the FATHER to change the child\'s diaper My guess is very few since, to the best of my estimation, only 1 out of 20 men\'s bathrooms actually contain diaper decks. I think it is absolutely RIDICULOUS that restaurants, stores, etc do not have these when they 1. claim to be \"family oriented\" and 2. are more than willing to accept our money for a purchase without a second thought. If only they had as much concern for the well-being of our children as they do for their wallets!! By signing this petition, you will be standing up for the rights of young children and parents EVERYWHERE. You will be helping to ensure that a father can safely and easily change his child\'s diaper without having to \"abondon ship\" prematurely. You will enable a mother to do the same without having to creatively find enough space or soften up the surface just long enough to get the squirming baby into fresh duds. By signing this petition, you will be standing up for the rights of those who cannot or will not speak up for themselves.


I\'m sorry but I do not currently have a sponsor because I was not aware that I would need one. Please advise me of how I may go about obtaining one. Thanks!


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    Lisa V Wright, United States

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    Braelyn Cuthbertson, United States

    2 years ago Comments: I definately agree, I recently gave birth to my amazing son.I chose to give him up for an open adoption with two gay men. I find it outrageous that they can never find bathrooms accomodating to their needs. I find it unfair and unjust that they have to change our son on a diaper mat,layed out on the floor of a dirty,germy bathroom!!!! I really hope that my signanture will help to eliminate this issue, and promote a less bigoted society.
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    zfiilkttjj, Latvia

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