Get Diana\'s Ass to Homecoming!!!

The school year is 2006-2007 and a group of high school seniors wish to make this last year as pleasant as possible. Homecoming is coming up and one friend, a friend named Diana, blatantly refuses to go to homecoming: She chooses to remain at home and play Final Fantasy 12 instead. Seeing as Diana can play Final Fantasy 12 whenever she wants--any time before or after homecoming--and she cannot attend homecoming whenever she wants, her friends believe that she should attend the school function in order to make her senior year of high school as memorable as possible. Diana already has a dress, I mean, come on. As her friends, we want to make these memories with her so that when we part ways we can have great memories of the times we spent together. Sure, it\'s cheesy, but we\'re all going our separate ways after high school. Please sign this petition and support us in our efforts to make our Diana\'s senior year as great as it can be, homecoming and all.


We are close friends of Diana\'s who wish to have her attend homecoming.


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    Diana K, United Kingdom

    8 years ago Comments: From one Diana to another - come on girl - get out for the night - you won't regret it!! Di from the UK
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    Joe Touchole, United States

    8 years ago Comments: Diana, You'll hear a great deal of bullshit about why you should go, but there is only one that matters. Your friends cared enough about you to mount this drive so they could spend a special night with you. Sadly you may never have friends like this again. Later in life you'll see that when people ask you to do something rarely is it based solely on friendship. Your friends are asking you to be a part of something that's important to them. It's so important to them, that it won't be complete without you. Respect your friends and the moment they want to share with you. Friends like these are rare,you may not find them later in life.
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    Wayne, United States

    8 years ago Comments: Picture yourself in boat on a river, with tangerine trees and marmalade skies. Somebody calls you, you answer quite slowly: "Jeezus you guys! I'm playing Final Fantasy! Leave me alone." Makes about as much sense as not going to the dance. Go. You can cement your place in the Geek Hall of Fame later. Plus, you already got the dress.
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