Develop and Implement Library Book and Doc Delivery Service at Stanford

We as Stanford faculty and graduate students highly value and appreciate our world-class library system and the many services it provides us. However, we urge the administration to help SUL further facilitate our research and teaching across the disciplines and join its peer institutions, including Harvard, Yale and MIT, and many nonpeer institutions, such as the University of Virginia, the University of South Carolina, and the University of Central Florida – the latter three with only a fraction of Stanford’s endowment -- by providing sufficient funds to SUL for the prompt development and implementation of a centralized, university-wide book and document delivery service to library circulation desks (and ideally departmental mailboxes) and electronically, respectively.


  • Jennifer Burns Having relied on such a system at UVA -- where books were actually delivered daily to our department's mailroom -- I know from experience this program would have an immediate and powerful impact on my productivity. It used to be that I would think of or hear about a book, and be reading it the next day. Now that rarely happens, unless I decide to buy the book on amazon, which is far more practicable than using my very scarce research time to hunt down a book in the stacks (that may turn out to be missing). Thank you for considering.

  • Aliya Saperstein This service existed at the University of Oregon, where I taught previously, and was tremendously helpful. Please, please implement it here at Stanford!

  • Lee Sanders Critical need for behavioral research in the medical sciences as well

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    Laura Wittman

    8 months ago Please comment on how service would help you:: I used this service at Yale and it was very useful!
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