Request for Denial of Parole for Tom Gondek

10 years ago, Jennifer Claycomb\'s boyfriend, Thomas Gondek was convicted of raping her 18 month old daughter. Doctors said that the little girl was also shaken so hard that she suffered permanent brain damage. Gondek was sentenced to serve 15 years to life in an Ohio prison. But that may not happen. The Ohio Department of Corrections may allow Gondek out of prison early. A parole hearing is set in March. "Her brain was crushed and her tiny body sodomized by this man, said Claycomb. "My daughter has a life sentence, so should Thomas Gondek. He should be just as miserable as she is. I want the parole board to know that this is a sick, sick person. He has never admitted what he did to my daughter". Jennifer Claycomb is so worried that the Department of Corrections might give Gondek an early release that she has started her own petition drive. She and her fiancee have been visiting all the nearby gas stations to deliver petition forms and ask for signatures. This petition was started by a concerned citizen that would like to help Jennifer in her efforts to keep him in jail. Anyone wishing to submit a written statement concerning Gondek\'s parole hearing can send a letter to the Ohio Parole Board, Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections, 1050 Freeway Drive, North, Columbus, OH 43229. You must include the name: Thomas J Gondek and his prison number: A365834. This is an online petition to request to the Department of Corrections that Parole for Thomas J. Gondek, prison #A365834 be denied and that he continue to remain in jail for his crimes.


I am a citizen that viewed this on the news on February 13th and would like to help Jennifer Claycomb in her quest to keep Thomas Gondek in jail where he cannot harm another child.


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    Ken Baker, United States

    6 years ago Comments: This man raped and tortured an 18 month old girl. This "man" should never get out of prison. You cannot cure these people. It is an absolute that people like this will re-offend. Has he had intensive treatment focusing on his problems while he has been locked up He then has zero chance of not reoffending because he has no tools given to him while he was incarcerated.I absolutely believe that you cannot cure this type of problem. The same "charm" and manipulation that these people use on their victims and others around them are finely honed through their time in jail and through the court process. They may show lots of remorse while going through the system as means to an end to shorten their time in prison. We have to stop and use common sense and see that this animal raped and destroyed the life of this poor girl for his own sick pleasures. Sociopaths can appear to be quite convincing and charming but do not have guilt in their personalities. Also remember that someone who attacks adults may have their victims fight back but this poor girl had zero chance to stop anything that happens to her. We have so many examples of people that are prosicuted and reoffend multiple times. We owe it to every child not to have to be raped, tortured and killed to someone who has been been found guilty of multiple crimes in the past and been released to reoffend, If we cannot legally keep him as a special case because of the law, then we need to use this case to change the laws.
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    Shelley Jackson, United States

    6 years ago Comments: This man should never see light of day again!! I pray the justice system never ever lets him free.
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    Matt LoGrande, United States

    7 years ago Comments: A man who would do something like this does not change, and is a danger to every child in the world-i'd rather pay to see him kept away than let him free for 1 moment.
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