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If you have had any of the problems outlined below with your Dell notebook, know you aren\'t alone. ** NOTE ** This is a petition for people who have/had problems with Dell notebook as I have. I realize not every person who owns a Dell has issues with theirs, but Dell should act responsibly towards those of us who do. So if your Dell is wonderful - great, I am happy for you, but don\'t add your signature to a petition that states the exact opposite - it makes no sense. Hopefully this petition will send a message to Dell so they understand their actions are not acceptable to any of their customers. We have had enough. How ridiculous is it for a customer to have to go as far as creating a petition to ask for a company to act responsibly towards its customers I created this petition so hopefully we can get enough signatures it will either get Dell\'s attention or draw the wrong kind of attention to Dell so maybe things will change. If someone is going to spend several hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your product, you better make it right and if you don\'t, you take responsibility for it. You make it reliable. You make sure your customer service can not only speak proper English but understand it as well. This is but a few qualities a company should aim for in the least. This petition is for owners of Dell notebooks which suffered from one or more of the following problems: Motherboard failure, battery issues, AC adapter issues (notebook not recognizing adapter, only running on AC power, only charging with adapter pulled a certain way), Overheating/getting really hot, random shut-offs, loose/separated from motherboard power jacks. I came across a web forum where angry Dell customers were complaining of the exact same issues I was. They also contacted Dell and Dell pleaded ignorance to them as well. Many of them had the same Inspiron model as me. I began looking and came upon hundreds if not thousands of other Inspiron owners, all with the same problems. I read comments from repair techs who said they repair Dells daily with the same symptoms as my \'crap\'top and they theorized several issues were at fault - cheap motherboards, weak fans, poor ventillation, and cheap heatsinks. They said the motherboard gets so hot the solder actually melts around the AC jack, loosening it. In my case it actually broke free and the melted solder melted into the motherboard and literally fried it. My own Inspiron 1150 suffered all of the above problems; it is now collecting dust on my coffee table. Dell whats me to pay them to fix it. I invested over $1000 in a laptop that was dying 13 months after purchase and completely dead in less than 2 years. I don\'t know about you, but $1000 is serious money for someone like me. I shouldn\'t have to pay Dell or anyone else to fix a computer they screwed up designing in the first place and neither should you. Dell has been sued by owners of Inspiron 5150 laptops where a settlement was just reached this past September \'06. Just a month later in October \'06, the law firm of LIEFF CABRASER HEIMANN & BERNSTEIN, LLP filed a class action lawsuit against Dell for Inspiron models: 1100, 1150, 5100 and 5160. Because of nearly identical problems arrising in the 5150 model of the previous lawsuit. I\'m not surprised considering 5150s and 1150 have identical chassis and motherboards. Read about the lawsuit here: Anyways, I filed a complaint with the BBB about Dell and the inept Dell representative assigned to my case is incredibly rude and condesending. When I first mentioned my problems and how I wasn\'t the only one, she said Dell isn\'t aware of any widespread problems with their notebooks - a lie. When I pointed out the lawsuit above as evidence that apparently this isn\'t just some fluke I am arguing with her over, she had the nerve to tell me there was no lawsuit and I was wrong, even after I pointed her to the link. Now she downplays the seriousness of the lawsuit by saying \"All information being gathered on the website listed (Lieff Cabraser) is purely to collect complaints for possible litigation in the future\". If you are in Dell Hell, please sign this petition so we can send Dell a message that we as customers and human beings refuse to be treated like garbage and to let them know that contrary to their lies, There IS system wide failure with many lines of Dell notebook computers...thank you.


I, Tara DeIngenis am the creator of this petition. I own a Inspiron 1150 that died several months ago and am still paying for it (along with a replacement battery, AC Adapter, and RAM) through Dell Financial Services. I personally love the hypocrisy of the whole situation...Dell has no problem calling me several times a day, harassing me for payment for the faulty laptop they sold me that is dead, yet when I want them to take responsibility for it, they are no where to be found.



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    social bookmarking service, Russian Federation

    2 years ago City & State: UTxYXuhMosFtjdevJ
    Dell Crap-top Make/Model (ex: Inspiron 1150): JOmoEhchQoVwkycKqfI
    Your personal experiences in Dell Hell: 2ojpOt Major thankies for the article.Really thank you! Awesome.
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    Juliana, Germany

    3 years ago City & State: CiAiUvtfJBKvQyvfKG
    Dell Crap-top Make/Model (ex: Inspiron 1150): WyZsoNXiXMKjFvNsyp
    Your personal experiences in Dell Hell: The first gotcha was that this tbtaery is quite a bit bigger that the one it replaced (RN 873) but it fit the slot fine. Just stick out and down a little. Second gotcha was absolutely no directions which should be not problem but Apparently Dell uses a Smart Power system which has thousands of complaints on the internet. Anyway, I powered down, installed tbtaery and powered up. Power options said 63%. OK so far. 12 hours later still 63% .Uh Oh. Long story (about 7 hours of Internetting, calling, attempted BIOS flashes etc) developed many horror stories about LIon batteries and Dell power adapter. The dreaded unknown device syndrome. Here's how Dell recommended a reset. First, power down and remove tbtaery. Second, unplug AC Power adapter from computer AND wall. Third-Wait till green light goes out. In my case, went and got coffee and watch a show. Fourth plug adapter into wall and computer and power up WITHOUT the tbtaery installed. After boot up, insert the tbtaery. It worked?!!?!
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    Milad, Turkey

    3 years ago City & State: GuOVEcNzYdIaM
    Dell Crap-top Make/Model (ex: Inspiron 1150): NSfSCwjBTAQuRiwD
    Your personal experiences in Dell Hell: For those that are confused about the psicyhal size of the replacement battery, this is an extended size battery. There is the standard size that is flush with your laptop when inserted and there are the extended sizes that protrude out approximately one inch from the back of your laptop. You will find this same protrusion on any extended size battery you purchase directly from Dell; it will stick out the back a little and that is normal. The standard size is a six cell battery and will give you a shorter run time on a charge. This is a nine cell battery; this is how they get more run time out of the battery it's bigger ; Considering the same size battery from Dell for an Inspiron 1525 costs $179; I would say paying $39 is a bargain (price I paid at time of purchase). It would still be a bargain even if it lasts only half as long. You can save yourself some headaches though on having to replace your battery more often than necessary:- If you generally have your laptop plugged in and the battery is sitting there fully charged all the time, unplug it and let the battery run down a bit (about 40%) and then remove it. Your laptop will function just fine without the battery. When you need to use the battery, put it back in, let it charge up a bit, and use it.I can't give this product a five star rating as I haven't had it for an extended period of time. I received it, plugged it in, discharged it, and then charged it up to full it shows about 6.5 hours of run time with the backlight on the LCD at dim. Ran it down to 40% and put it away for storage. I'll come back and edit this review a few months down the road. Well, a few months down the road has passed by. First, a little background info so you can relate my usage to what I am saying. I am a full time tech college student, I drive a small fifteen minutes both ways to campus, and I attend class four days out of the week. I have the computer on pretty much the whole time as that is where I store my notes, take my notes, and do some of my homework. I use the the battery fairly frequently. With all that use my battery still reads 6.5 hours. Not sure if it is reading right or not, but it does hold a charge through all my classes down to about the 15-20% mark at worst (depending on usage). I do keep the battery on power saver settings while in school; display dimness turned all the way down, display turns off in 3 minutes, goes to sleep in fifteen minutes, and WiFi turned off unless I need to look something up. I do occasionally turn the display brightness up, but turn it back down after. One needs to realize that the more you are demanding out of your laptop it will shorten how long your battery will keep the laptop running; I am pretty much using it for Office 2007. I remove the battery on the weekends as I can run it off the power cord at home.I have been pretty satisfied with the battery, so much that when my wife's laptop (Inspiron 1525) had her battery kick the bucket I went and ordered one for her also (she has the same brand/model laptop as I do). I would buy this battery again and am changing my rating for it to a five star.It has been almost a full year since I bought this battery and it is still going strong. I cannot really add anymore to this than I already have. I am still using this on a regular basis in school and manage to run through my 3-4 hour classes with roughly 15% charge left. I have even made it through my Wednesdays this semester which run me from 10am-4pm with running on very conservative settings (display dimmed as often as possible).I am very pleased with this battery and my wife's battery also.
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