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We are convinced that it is necessary that society and the state should have an official definition of healthy food, which would act educationally and practically in the direction of changing social habits and improving public health. We think that Serbia has a very bad state of health, given that we are, among other things, second in the world with the percentage of patients with cardiovascular diseases (which is a direct reflection of bad health habits and bad lifestyle). Nutrition is one of the most important factors contributing to this condition, and right to healthy food and healthy living is one of the most important human rights.

Based on our research on healthy eating and healthier lifestyle, we consider the following definition of the healthiest foods, the most precise and the most appropriate:

By the healthiest food (in addition to clean air and water) we consider: fresh, raw, organic and integral (microbiologically and chemically proper) - edible wild plants, grains, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds and fruit.

We suggest that, in accordance with this definition (is it fresh? is it raw? organic? is it integral? and so on), labeling of food should be done, which would ensure that consumers will be informed about which foods are the healthiest for them, in a way that food, which meets the above criteria from the definition of the healthiest foods, would be marked by green color, less healthier with blue, yellow and finally red. It should be followed with an explanation on the label what is the definition of the healthiest foods and how does some specific product comply with this definition.

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