Defeat Congress and UPA -

DO NOT VOTE FOR CONGRESS AND UPA. Sonce 2004 Congress & UPA have cheated AAM AADMI. They have failed to protect the people - the fundamental duty of any Government. More than 600 innocent people have been killed in terror attacks all over the country. In external security too they have failed. China is taking over many posts along McMahon line claiming Tawang, the gateway for cutting off all the Eastern States. Kashmir has been virtually divided. Indians cannot reach Amarnath without the permission of Muslims in Kashmir. More than 2000 farmers have committed suicide due their ani farmer policy. Cost of living has gonne up Prices Essential commodities like rice dal Atta and Oilhave all pierced the roof. Pakistan could send invaders to Bombat at will to kill people in Raly station and hospital;s and Hotels. As such U P A led by congress is a total failure. AAM AADMI KO MAARDIA. so DO NOT VOTE FOR UPA AND CONGRESS. THIRD FRONT IS A CONGLOMERATION OF OPPUTUNISTS TO ACQUIRE POWER AND AMASS WELTH QUICKLY. THEY HAVE NO LOYALTY TO THE COUNTRY OR TO THE PEOPLE. SO BE WISE AND CAST YOUR VOTE DILIGENTLY FOR THE GOOD OF THE NATION. DO NOT GO BY CASTE OR RELIGION. THINK AND VOTE FOR THE PERSON WHO WILL DO GOOD FOR THE COUNTRY.


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    Savithri, India

    6 years ago Comments: Defeat UPA ! This is the only c hance ! Dharma should prevail! This our Kurukshetra ! We are Pandavas ! Defeat the Kauravas !!
  • username

    Savithri, India

    6 years ago Comments: Down with UPA!. This is the only chance for chasing the UPA and the Congress out ! Remember India that is Bharat. Save India from the hands of the Hand!
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    Rajagopal, India

    6 years ago
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