against allgeria

together as egyptian against what happend to us at sudan by the allgerian crimnal we must tell the world the truth and fifa must take any reaction


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    egyptian, Egypt

    5 years ago Comments: Hey all of you , Fifa Signture is My game is Fair play and what algeria did today in the match with Egypt is not fair play First :they Stormed the field before the match , they destroyed the bus of Egyptian players , they Threatened players and Egyptian people with death Second : they through fire into the field during the match Third : they stopped the Egyptian buses in sudan and hit egyptian people and some of them was killed or Permanently injured so , it was no a fair game and what all we need is to rescue us and rescue what Fifa What are trying to be applied in the spirit of sports Egypt Presented to the world The Best Youth World Cup so you must protect her right to access to the World Cup and re-calculating or outcome of the game in favor of Egyptour game is fair play thanks Great Fif
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    ayah mahnoud, Kuwait

    5 years ago Comments: To the international federation of football , Our greetings According to the principles of fair play and equal opportunities that Fifa calls for and keen on in managing football matters around the world and as the Fifa is the only institution that could achieve Justice we are going to present our complaint hoping to find a solution During the football game between Egypt and Algeria in 2010 world cup qualifications for Africa continent in the fifth of june for the year 2010 and after the Algerian team had scored a goal , the crowds started doing fireworks and also throwing it in the pitch which caused what we can call (( mental terrorism )) to the players of the Egyptian team After that Fifa accepted the Egyptian federatin of football complaint and punished the Algerian federation of football by financial sanctions and warned them not to repeat that During the football game between Algeria and Zambia in 2010 world cup qualifications for africa continent in the sixth of September for the year 2010 the Algerian crowds repeated what they did in the previous game with Egypt with no care for Fifa warns or laws Based on what has been said in the previous points we wish that Fifa is going to take all the legal actions to punish the Algerian federation of football because of its repeated violations in order that all national teams could have the same opportunities to reach world cup 2010 and also in order not to see intervention of non-athletic elements which may determine the winner at the end Accept my greetings Egyptian man wishes to see his country competing honorably to reach world cup 2010
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    A.Gharib, Egypt

    5 years ago Comments: -
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