Emergency Petition to Decommission the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant

Mr. Naoto Kan Prime Minister of Japan

Dear Sir,

We request the Japanese government to fully acknowledge the seriousness of the nuclear disaster and to immediately and permanently decommission the10nuclear reactors at the Fukushima I and II Nuclear Power Plant (rather than attempting to preserve for future use).

Countless lives have been lost by the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan on the 11th March 2011. Even those who managed to survive have lost so much. In addition to these natural disasters, the nuclear crisis at Fukushima Power Plant has occurred. Radioactive contamination has spread from these reactors to a widening area of Japan and has even triggered fears of international effects.

Based on expert knowledge, there had been warnings and predictions that serious accidents may occur at this nuclear power plant. Despite this disaster becoming reality, the Japanese government continues to assert the myth of safety as if they are in alliance with TEPCO.

Here we ask you to permanently close the Fukushima I and II Nuclear Power Plant and ask that all political parties unite to resolve the current crisis as soon as possible.

Many countries have started to convert their energy sources to natural renewable energy, proving that it can be both feasible and economical. The most important duty of a nation’s leaders should be to ensure the safety of its people. We believe that now is the time to change Japan’s energy policy that is heavily dependent on nuclear energy.


League of Citizens Requesting Decommission of Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant and Review of Energy Policy (福島原発の「廃炉」と、エネルギー政策の見直しを求める人間の会) CONTACT: +81-90-9108-0464 / saeko@obari.com



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