This petition has been discarded for the following reasons: I can be bothered with violence being aimed it me when it was basically a group effort. I was just the one who made the account. People trying to shove opinions down my throat when they cant handle constructive criticism I actually got a decent conversation from Hayley M but Louby just sat and bitched and moaned about herself i.e. \"your ruining my career\" If you gave a toss about what other people wanted to see you wouldve compromised but nope.. was all you, you, you, you, you And when you said \"Alternative vs Alternative\" Emo/Hardcore isnt exactly Alternative seeing its the new fad and even some chavs listen to it. If you think I\'m going to throw punches or bricks your sadly mistaken but obviously your all too stuck up to realise the bigger picture




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    nick, United Kingdom

    8 years ago Comments: someone has wrked really hard to put these gigs on and a lot of ppl enjoy them if you dont like them then yo just dont have to go or if you want different things on then maybe put in some hard work and sort it out yourself there is no need to spoil other ppls fun n hardwork
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    RENN, United Kingdom

    8 years ago Comments: fuckin dae it!
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    Sam, United Kingdom

    8 years ago Comments: I think the solution is simple - you dont like the "emo" (very misused word), then don't go to the gig. If you don't like the music scene and want to make a positive change, form a band or organise a gig for your mates band - not slag other bands off because you're too daft and lazy to start your own band. it's quite easy really. And to the people who started this petiotion, im not really a fan of contemporary "emo / hardcore meralcore" etc . . . . . but get a fucking life - the bandwagon for ripping "emos" has long gone.
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