Bring Back The Death Penalty In Canada!!!

For years and years people in Canada have been taking innocent lives. Children, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters. This needs to stop immidiatly. Sending these individuals to person for \'life\' which is 25 years is absolutly crazy! (Very nice way of putting it) Why should these people live their, while their victims couldn\'t Keeping these people behind bars, and some being released is not helping our society at all. The ones who eventually get out of prison, normally commit the same crime again.


So many people I believe support this petition. Please help and sign this petition to bring back the death penalty for these murderers and to help ensure more safety for our lives.


  • Henry Sosnowski ridiculous penal system here.

  • Gerry Madden I don't feel that safe anymore in my country since they did away with the death penalty. People like Bernardo, Col. Williams, Vince Li and Tori Stafford's Killers are all human garbage and forfeit their right to live for what they did, my tax dollars pay for them to live (not acceptable to me) and they will ALWAYS pose a serious threat to humanity.

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