Victor Hugo once said, \"What says the law You will not kill! How does it say it By killing!\" A more true statement has never been said. Capital punishment is not only the wrong way of going about bring justice to victims and their families, but a clear violation of Human Rights. Additionally, criminal trials are often fallible. An astounding number of people facing the death penalty have been found innocent, and sometimes only minutes before their scheduled execution! Others, however, have been executed before evidence clearing them is discovered. While criminal trials not involving the death penalty can also involve mistakes, there is at least the opportunity for those mistakes to be corrected. Since 1973, 119 people in 25 USA states have been released from death row with evidence of their innocence. Some died, some were released to an already dead family, and some committed suicide on exoneration. Criminals who believe they will face the death penalty are more likely to use violence or murder to avoid capture, and that therefore the death penalty might theoretically even increase the rate of violent crime. The argument that that the death penalty is a deterrent has been proven wrong in many cases. One such case was in Canada: the murder rate actually decreased after the abolition of the death penalty. In addition, our hypocrisy confuses the American people, as government officials send the message that killing people is the right thing to do in some circumstances. Help us stop the death penalty in America. As Jesus once said,


This petition is sponsored by North Atlanta High School\'s actvism program, with the help of Andrea Childress and her US and World Affairs Class.



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