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This petition is to support David Mertz's rights to have decent  24 hour in home care provider's  come in and provide the best care possible. Unfortunately this has not been the case with his present in home care providers and in signing this petition it would lead us in the directon of getting David the help he is in dire need of.  David has been confined to a wheel chair his entire life and has had to depend on others to provide total care for him and has become somewhat unhappy with his present situation in not getting the assistance he has to depend on in his daily living.  Your signature on this petition will show your support for David's rights as an individual who deserves to be treated fairly and as an equal.  David and I both Thank You in advance for your support.



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    MeLeana Ipsdor, United States

    4 years ago Comments: I've seen what it takes to provide quality 24 hr. care to a quadraplegic. My cousin became paralyzed at the young age of 21. Fortunately my aunt & uncle took care of him all their lives so he received excellent care. When he was first injured there were no special tools to help him become more independent. My uncle made a special device that strapped onto Gene's wrist & hand then a spoon could be attached so Gene was able to feed himself. Next my uncle made a device so Gene could write somewhat. (This was long before computers.) These things helped give him some dignity and a bit of independence. Having quality care is a necessity of life. Please see that David is given his due rights.
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    private person, United States

    4 years ago Comments: i feel like u neighbors should come and take care of daivd for 48 hours and see what its really like and i dont aprrecaite you ppl saying he dosnt get good care .
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    private person, United States

    4 years ago Comments: -
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