Allow our pets and children to be safe!

Yet another incident has occurred regarding the Alsatian belonging to the woman at 59(A) Dorset Road. The owner is so incapable of keeping an eye on the vicious dog of which she refuses to keep on a lead that she allowed it to go all the way across the communal garden and out into the front gardens completely unsupervised. The dog attacked a cat then snarled at and tried to bite the owner of the cat. The dog has also been known to turn nasty with children. The owner laughs all of this off and finds it amusing. She has had warnings already and has been told to keep the dog on a lead, but she feels she is above the tenancy agreements and laws governing dangerous dogs. She refuses to accept responsibility for the dog which makes her a dangerous and incapable dog owner. How long is it going to be before the dog kills someones pet, or even worse, a child. Although the owner and the woman who lives below her find it amusing, this is a serious matter. This dog needs to be rehomed with a responsible owner or destroyed before it seriously injures or kills a child. The owner has proved herself to be irresponsible and cannot be trusted to keep the dog on a lead so the dog cannot stay living with her.


On behalf of Squidge who got mauled by the dog


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    walrus, United Kingdom

    6 years ago Comments: Who is copying the person who came up with walrus invent your own name
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    claire j, United Kingdom

    6 years ago
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    Tristan, United Kingdom

    6 years ago Comments: I would just like to say that having lived with poor Squidgy for the duration of all this, I've seen her go from being a happy healthy cat, to completely giving up on life, to coming back around again and coming to terms with never seeing again. If you think that just cos she's an animal, she doesn't have emotions or feelings or her own personality - you are very wrong, and she has suffered cos of the dog! It's very sad that the owner and friends of this dog give out so much abuse, why cant they just of apologized seeing as the owner of the dog knows fully well it attacked Squidgy and also went for my girlfriend,seeing as these inbreds want to go down this path, it means that they deserve everything they've got coming to them and if they think I'm gonna stand by and watch them give my girlfriend and the cat shit they've got another thing coming. To be honest, the dogs lucky it's still breathing and if it so much as looks at my cat or my girlfriend again i'll kill it - ok!!!
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