Dance Crusade

The police are looking to revoke the license for Dance Crusade Music Festival. 

Part of the police's reason for revoking the license is due to this comment: ''By mid-evening, the atmosphere changed. The police were so concerned about public disorder that they called up the Riot Squad''

We believe that this comment is completely untrue and thought the atmosphere was exceptional. We need to know your thoughts so please state your opinions of the atmosphere you experienced throughout the day.



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    Teresa, United Kingdom

    4 years ago Comments: I've recentlyseen adverts everywhere for the T fest 2011 in grays. I took my young Daughter to the first one they did. There were 2 very violent drunken fights with big guys near where i was. Both times i had to grab my little girl and get out of the why for fear of her safety, then there was a stabbing that night and on the way home drunken louts urinating in the streets. This is a family event where kids are allowed, but despite the trouble it is still allowed to go ahead every year. So why can't dance crusade?
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    Gary grout, United Kingdom

    4 years ago Comments: I was at this event and I experienced no bad atmosphere whatsoever. As for the riot squad turning up, this is another lie by Essex police. I only see the odd police presence here and there.
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    Liz Rolley, United Kingdom

    5 years ago Comments: What rubbish! The atmosphere was great all through the day and night and I saw no trouble at all .. my only complaint would be that the police presence was a bit overpowering at times as if they were expecting trouble that didn't materialise, There's not much goes on in Grays for people to enjoy so please let the good things continue.
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