Ok.. I don't wanna hurt anyone in anyway with this Petition... but this is for my rights! And what i have done! Hiya! I am Dance_master! I am Writing this Becuase of the Things i have done for you Staff... And never got anything in return.... I have helped y'all a lil over 4-5 months now... and i still do... And, What really hurts me is tht, I never got anything in return... now tht wasn't my expectation at first, but then i heard tht helping out mod/staff Can gain me VIP if you do it right... and long enough... But this isn't all about VIP ... NO! It's Also about the Credits! And the Guides! WTF! YOU GIVE OUT JOBS TO NOOBS AND NOT AN EXPIERINCED TOURER! THTS SOOO MEAN! I CAN'T BELIVE YALL WOULD EVEN DO THT! And the CREDITS! I HAVE BEEN ON HERE LONGER THN SOME OF THOSE USERS! AND I HAVE DONE MORE! NOW... THE NOOBY USERS ARE SUCKING UP! AND TRYING TO BE NICE AND POLITE FOR THEM TO GET CREDS! I HATE THT! ITS NOT RIGHT!! THEN YOU HAVE THE OTHER NON-NOOB USERS... (EX: x_caitlin_x, Danie, AND MORE!) WHO HAVE BEEN ON B4 ME... AND B4 SOME OF THOSE PEOPLE IN THE LIST! ACTUALLY! MOST OF EM!THIS IS TTLY UNFAIR AND ITS ABOUT TIME I CAME OUT AND DID THIS! I am sry staff / Mod, if i offended you.... i really am... Hope We can still be friends!


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    Christopher Nyg, Norway

    8 years ago
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    Someone, United States

    8 years ago Comments: Yea... JOHN! YOU A$$! LET HIM HAVE THT STUFF!
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    Bite, United States

    8 years ago Comments: true and another thing is that the last time that pcd came the people that talked to the dolls never got anything for it and thats not fair because all the time that pcd came and people got to talk to them then they got something but this 1 time i got chose to talked to them we never got anything!
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