For a premises license to allow supply of alcohol on and off the premises from 08:00 to 01:00am Sunday to Thursday and from 08:00 to  02:00am Friday and Saturday.

- There has been 2 planning applications and 1 licensing application for this premises to date. The first was withdrawn and the other 2 rejected. The building is A1 so it is not allowed to have a licence until planning for A4 or Sui Generis is granted.

- The key reason the last planning application was rejected because  ‘the usage would affect the balance and character of the area, and also have a detrimental impact on the residential amenity by reason of noise and disturbance’. This is still the case so this application should be rejected

- There is nowhere for people to smoke – at the front of the premises is a bus stop with standard pavement width, and the back of the premises is tight with residential dwellings. Smoking aside, those at the bus stop will be jostled by drunk patrons exiting
the premises – without cordoning off an area it would be impossible for security to monitor and control this situation – and this can’t happen on that pavement without causing obstruction.

- Alvington Crescent is a  quiet residential street - this would be the road serving the fire exit to this bar - and there are 3 residential properties right behind the premises. The residents should be protected from this scenario.

- The application runs counter to the  Hackney licensing objectives

1) Prevention of Crime and Disorder: A bar of this size will lead to hundreds more people hitting the streets of Dalston, which can only add to the anti social behavior street urination/vomiting, noise, and litter that residents have to deal with every day.
2) Ensuring public safety - More drunk people consuming alcohol in an area that has reached saturation point can only lead to more aggressive disrespectful behavior – residents and pedestrians suffer enough of this in Dalston at present.
3) Prevention of public nuisance - A late license like this will simply encourage people to stay on the streets later in the area, and therefore encourage public nuisance, urination, and littering.
4) Protection of children from harm - The detritus left around Dalston from the nighttime economy 7 days a week is a danger to children – and this is a direct result of those who drink in Dalston. The assault on street hygiene in the area (from people
wandering off to urinate and even defecate on the residential streets) creates an inappropriate environment for children to grow up in.
5) LP14 Cumulative Impact’ Dalston is already overrun with clubs and late licenses – an acceptance of this one would add to all the problems above and degrade even further the resident’s quality of life.

The regeneration of Dalston will only come through a healthy mix of businesses and services. There are enough bars, nightclubs, and cafes - the potential to create a vibrant and diverse area is diminishing with all the emphasis being on servicing the nighttime economy. We totally support the applicant’s efforts to create an organic supermarket – this adds to the area - but not one licensed for consumption of alcohol on the premises.

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    Ursula Huws, United Kingdom

    2 years ago Comments: -
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    Mrs S Fagan, United Kingdom

    2 years ago Comments: The residents of Alvington Crescent does not need or want this type of establishment in their locality. Kingsland High Street has plenty of drinking/eating places from turkish kebab shops to mexican food in the area that are open till quite late at night and the early hours of the morning. The residents of Alvington Crescent and surrounding areas, deserve to live in their homes without noise, load music and rubbish that will be created, also what about the safety aspects. If there is ever an emergency, where are the escape routes?
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    Adam Bennette, United Kingdom

    2 years ago Comments: I have alrewady written twice to Hackney objecting to this proposal. It is vexacious and improper for the same application to be made repeatedly, an action whoich appears to expect a lapse in onjections or perhaps to pass by unnoticed
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