Cyber Bullying - Gamer Girl gets mistreated by Con Staff


Public. Responsibility.

They are all absent from the below statement from Cherry City Comic Con who has seen fit to feel 'put upon' by the public for having reacted in what (a great number of intelligent folks) is a very unreasonable and unsuitable way to a very polite con-goers request.

For anyone, GENDER EXCLUDED, who has ever been bullied, denied a reasonable request, please sign this petition to ask that Mark and his Wife be removed from the Con Staff. Thank you.

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*UPDATE* As of May 1st, 2014 all comments regarding this have been removed from the CCCC's Facebook pages and they have since silenced any nay-sayers abilities to voice their reasonable opinions citing 'abuse' and 'harassment' from the public. Disagreement is something that comes with life, if you are in a business, or run one, or are a part of a public group your actions and accountability are always going to be drawn to question. The fact that they're silencing us tells me that we're doing the right thing. Keep it up!


  • Vaughn A. MacPhail Wrong is a long time Con goer this kind of attitude is unacceptable. taking a private conversation/ comment public is NOT a is a deliberate attempt to publicly shame a person, no matter the gender...which is bulling... in this day and age it is beyond belief that the person who did so could not realize they were doing something wrong.. much less a person place in authority for an event. Totally unprofessional and it speaks volumes of his/ her character. If this is not put right by the organizing managing group I can't see this boding well for the Con in future. This person should not be in any way allowed to continue on ANY capacity.

  • William If CCCC were serious about their harassment policy, these 2 would not be on staff already.

  • Anonymous If CCCC is serious about their policies they need to remove these individuals from their staff.

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    Laura Burns

    9 months ago Comments: Poor behaviour by an individual with a bad attitude = poor image for this event. Seems that the guilty Con staff wanted to turn it into their own personal adult playplace for their own "kind". Why not find a more appropriate host/convention organizer?
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  • Thirty plus, AWESOME! Keep it coming you wonderful savvy people!
  • as a con goer as well as someone who has volunteered this is ridiculous. Childish, abhorent behaviour that has no place in geekdom. perhaps the first year will be the last at this rate.
  • This is a prime example of what board members of a con should keep an eye on. There were a few cons that went belly up cause of behavior and actions like this taken by individual(s) who let the power of being on a board go to their heads. By all means CCCC's board should not condone the individuals actions taken when a person was requesting a refund cause she didn't feel safe? And said person(s) reacted by publicly shaming and bulling the customer?? I wouldn't be surprised if attendance is very low to non existent. But CCCC's board should make a public statement without the person(s) input on it.
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