A Petition to Stop Discriminatory Dress Codes

We, the undersigned, petition Brick Street Bar and Grill and 45 East, to change or discontinue their current dress code policy that is purported to make customers feel safer. We feel it is a racist and class-based dress code. Furthermore, we question the policy\'s efficacy, and suggest instead, traditional methods of weapon detection such as, metal detectors and wands. Please be advised we are boycotting these establishments as long as the current dress code is in effect. Please note-this petition is limited to students of Miami University of Ohio and residents of Oxford, Ohio. If you have signed a paper copy of the petition, please do not sign this petition.


This petition is sponsored by the Coalition for Uptown Equality, and supported by the Black Student Action Association. We are a group dedicated to bringing a group of students with broad perspectives and ideas together to peacefully lobby and negotiate for real change. You can check out our facebook group by searching for \"The Brickstreet/45 East Boycott\" under groups.


http://www.facebook.com members of facebook at Miami of Ohio can search for our group, get updated on the latest news, and use the message board. http://www.muohio.edu/miamistudent searching the archives of September and October will show articles written about the dress code. An analysis of the articles will show inconsistencies.


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    Jessica S, United States

    8 years ago State: MI
    Comments: i think the whole dress code thing is bull crap in our dress code it states: DRESS AND GROOMING Every student shall personally maintain a reasonable standard of wearing apparel which is appropriate to 20 his/her role as a student and which contributes to developing a good climate for study. Dress or grooming which is distracting to or disruptive of the educational process is prohibited. The school administration and staff will uphold standards of good taste. Students wearing tank tops, with straps of 3 inches or smaller, excessively low cut tops, short skirts and shorts, low slung jeans, clothing with objectionable phrases, (similar to but not limited to these examples: Co-ed naked shirts, Hooter shirts, Big Johnson shirts, apparel that displays illegal substances, apparel that has alcohol-related statements or designs, clothing that endorses any tobacco products,) and any other attire determined to be inappropriate in the school environment, will be asked to change. Students will not be permitted to display bare midsections or visible undergarments. Students will not wear hats, bandanas or hoods in school during regular school hours (7:42 a.m. to 2:22 p.m.) plus 0 hour and detention. All hats and bandanas are to be put in lockers on arrival to school and left there until the end of the day. Students will not be permitted to wear pajamas at school. Chains may not be worn unless they are 18" or less in length and
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    mike aiken, United States

    8 years ago State: OH
    Comments: yes people should be able to dress anyway they want like whore gangstas fags crossers. or nazis
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    Star Harris, United States

    9 years ago State: OH
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