Voter Pledge on Cuba

I pledge to make a candidates positions on Cuba an important factor in my vote in caucuses or primaries and the general election for President, as well as for Congress. They must respond to the two-thirds of Americans who want real change in US policy, and * State unambiguously that they will improve US international standing by substituting engagement for President Bush\'s goal of regime replacement and will launch negotiations to resolve obstacles to normal diplomatic and trade relations; * Commit use of Presidential authority to restore Americans


The Executive Director of the Fund for Reconciliation and Development began working for normalization of diplomatic, cultural and trade relations of the United States with Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam when the war ended in 1975. Advocacy for similar normalization with Cuba began in 1997, giving special emphasis to restoring the Constitutional right of Americans to travel without politically motivated restrictions. Tax deductible contributions support educational work on US-Cuba relations


Presidential candidates Dodd, Kucinich and Paul favor normal US diplomatic and trade relations with Cuba. Obama and Richards support unrestricted family reunion travel and remittances by Cuban Americans. Edwards endorses family travel. Clinton and the other Republican candidates approve Bush Administration policy. Add power to your signature by printing out the pledge and inserting a copy with all donations to candidates. For the more energized: give a copy of the pledge with lots of local signatures to visiting candidates, campaign headquarters and the press. For further information Presidential candidate watch: Articles related to US-Cuba normalization Reports about and from internal discussions of social and economic reform: Links to legislation and sponsorship lists: Personal analysis of strategy for normalization: Travel Industry Committee on Cuba: Tax deductible donations to support educational work on US-Cuba relations:


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    Erick Tejas, United States

    7 years ago US State: FL
    Comments: after almost 50 years, there is no doubt US policy towards Cuba hasn't worked. it's time for a change!
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    Lauren Grau, United States

    7 years ago Title/position: Research Associate
    Organization/affiliation: Management Education and Research Consortium
    US State: DC
    Comments: I have been to Cuba and seen the effect of the embargo. I went on a student visa that is no longer legal. I am an American citizen and I want to travel to Cuba. My father's family is from Cuba, but we have no more family living there so I cannot visit on a family reunion visa. Cuba is in my blood and I should not be restricted from exploring my rich heritage, including relations to a former Cuban president Ramon Grau San Martin. The US government has no right to bar me from that beautiful country. It is time to let go of the Cold War and step into the new millennium.
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    Margaret S. Maurin, United States

    7 years ago US State: PA
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