Men living carefree not taking care of their children

I think I speak for all women everywhere when I speak on Deadbeat fathers they should be made to be able to work and I mean working by the sweat of their brow to pay women their child support or go to jail no questions asked it is just getting out of hand all the children being born and the fathers just dissappear without a care in the world and it\'s not fair to the mothers they should be made to pay half of everything a child needs including but not limited to medical bills, child care, clothes, living expenses meaning half of rent half on all utility bills because why should it be left up to mothers and taxpayers and not the fathers they have no problem keep making children but the have problems taking care of them and then I think this would cut back on all the unwanted children by the fathers and they would think twice about how they procreate.


myself and my friends



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    nancia jeffries, United States

    4 years ago State: District of Columbia
    Country: United States
    Comments: amen It is not fair!!!!!!
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    Samantha Strunk, United States

    5 years ago State: Kentucky
    Country: United States
    Comments: My son's father is a deadbeat who has nothing to do with him since he was born 4 yrs ago. But when he was 3 months old I met a man who now I have a daughter by that has been his DADDY. He wants to adopt my son but can't because the deadbeat father of his will not sign his rights over but will not pay childsupport. It makes me so anger. I don't know what to do he thinks it is easy to take care of a child. I was 18 when I had my son and it was far from easy but I have done it with out him and I will continue to doo it without him. I just wish he would be put in jail or be made to sign his rights over since he has nothing to do with him anyways. The way I look at it he has a daddy that has been here since he was 3 months old he don't need his sperm donor in his life.
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    uniik rivera, United States

    6 years ago Country: US
    Comments: my twins father Stanley Burton is a nobody. But it seems to me that child support gives him so much time to respond to everything.
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