Create an Off-Leash Dog Park in Winkler

This is a petition for the City of Winkler to create an Off-Leash Dog Park. We need a designated area where dogs are able to play publicly, without being on leash, in a safe environment.

Winkler has an extremely large portion of dog owning residents, making it the perfect place to have an Off-Leash Dog Park It would be a much needed place where dog lovers are able to socialize their dogs in an open and safe environment.

Please support this cause by signing the petition and sharing with your friends and family to help support this cause. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Lowell & Amanda Klassen


  • Steve Zacharias Thanks Lowell & Amanda for starting this petition. It would be valuable to note that signers should also ensure that their dogs are registered with the city. The last time a dog owner approached counsel with a petition it was immediately dismissed because, while there were hundreds of signatures, only a few dogs were registered with the city (which is required by city bylaws.) They were unwilling to consider building a park when so few dogs met the legal requirements of living in the city (I think they said only 35 were registered.) Subsequently, they did make the process easier (making it a lifetime registration rather than an annual) and I think the cost is pretty minimal. They just want to ensure that dogs can be returned home when they are lost and they can protect our community from dogs that may be dangerous. I believe the cost simply covers the cost of administrating the registration... but gives our community a valuable service AND will speak volumes to counsel that we are serious about caring for the betterment of our community (which I think this park would play a valuable part of)! Thanks again Lowell and Amanda!

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    Steve Zacharias

    5 months ago Comments: It's important for us to also register our dogs (bylaw requirement). Last time city counsel dismissed a petition because, while there were hundreds of signatures only a handful of dogs had the necessary registration. It's a small fee... but is a necessary part of being taken seriously (otherwise counsel considers our dogs to be "illegal"... and won't build a park for unregistered dogs)
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