Stop Crazy Market Speculation

WHEREAS, the runaway costs of basic commodities such as food, fuel, energy and basic staples has negatively effected every American; and WHEREAS, the current condition of the United States economy is alarming to almost every family, single person, and all residents of the United States; and WHEREAS, the United States Congress and regulatory organizations proved to be short-sighted and late in adopting responses to past critical economic events such as the subprime crisis; and WHEREAS, lawmakers failed to recognize or decided to ignore past warning signs on issues that effect everyday life, health, and well being in the United States; and WHEREAS, the vast majority of taxpayers do not want to be forced to pay for future initiatives that will most certainly be adopted after the fact as a stop-gap or similar measure that most certainly could have been prevented; and WHEREAS, the vast majority of United States residents do not trust regulatory offices to correctly enforce and police the organizations they are tasked with regulating; THEREFORE, the People of the United States call upon their government to properly investigate, correct, and balance financial markets, including those effected by foreign banks, companies, and corporations. We, The People, call upon our elected representatives to restore confidence in the American economic system, political system, and regulatory system without prejudice and without favoritism. We, The People, call upon our elected representatives to restore confidence in the ability of every American to feed their family, commute to and from work, have access to affordable housing, and to enter into financial agreements without fear of predatory lending.


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    Erwin, Argentina

    2 years ago Comments: The politicians are the ones genttig us in this mess, and the taxpayers are always the ones that have to pay to get us out. What is wrong with this picture. Why don't they take a cut in pay. All I work for is to pay for health insurance and taxes. Shame on you.
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    xpfiwpisaxi, Australia

    2 years ago Comments: ILERLt , wihtdbwjgtco, zbxrzghimykb,
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    Johnny, China

    2 years ago Comments: I own a small Business, and am doing half os the sales that I used to do since the economy crshaed. I have the same overhead and 1/2 the employees. I have to keep lowering my pay in order to send it the state of Illinois to cover unemployment tax Hikes. I pay an additional $21,000 a year for unemployment taxes, and it is killing me financially alnong with the other things out of control, like Health care hikes and now State income taxes. If it gets any worse I will have to close the business and put 6 more people out of work. Thanks for nothing Illinois.
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