Get Chris Kendall (Crabstickz) on Doctor Who!

Guys guys guys guys guuuuuuuuys, We all know how amazing Chris Kendall is at acting and how he is extremely obsessed with Doctor Who. Admit it; you thought he was going to be the next doctor. Don't worry, we all did. He is incredibly talented at tricking fans and of course acting, at that. *hint hint* This is obviously a petition to get Chris onto Doctor Who so please sign up because it would make a lot of people's lives seeing one of their YouTube idols make a complete fool of themselves on BBC 1 (rather than BBC Three web shows because that's not good enough is it, Chris?). If you sign up I'll send you virtual punches of love. Love Lucy from the internet.


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    Wilson, China

    1 year ago Comments: Hiiii :) I'm still here! And always raiedng! When I started accepting sponsors and an occasion product review etc.... I was scared of my blog changing, but I think I've been able to stay pretty true to myself still. It's definitely a fine line though! icaaefuya cwnzwztur
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    Ben, France

    1 year ago Comments: I love the rustic ecfeft, beautiful site with beautiful people indeed !!!! Gorgeous pics! We love you guys a whole bunch! Pepe and I are so happy for you two and very proud! You deserve to be happy, and it shows that you are completely super happy , so glad that you found each other !!! Love you lots,Meme.:)))
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    Yoshimi, United States

    1 year ago Comments: Sales and wants yes, you never know when it might come in handy, minutes of mneiteg could go on and then we could review pat minutes as not everyone saves them on their computer once Chris has sent them out !Discussion forum I don't know, should be out on the bike instead of taslking on the computer, butthen it might come in handy over Christmas !!
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