Corruption in Pasco County Florida Judge William R.Webb and Eckerd Community Alternatives

There is corruption in Pasco County, Florida.Judge William R. Webb and Eckerd Community Alternativeshave went to far destroying children and their families.EckerdCommunity Alternatives Caseworkers are nothing but professioal liarswho cause nothing but strife and confusion forfamilies in the theirsystem. The only interestthey have for the children is to take them away from their families, especially grandparents, put them in foster care andthen adopt them out. The children and families are taken advantageof and theydon't know what is going on.My family and I havebeen a part ofyour sick games andhave caused grief anda lot of trauma. ECAwas founded for the best interest of children and to help families reunify. Caseworkers are a jokethey twist stories around to make the whole family look bad. Theydon't work with families to help unification.Youjust take the children away from the parents for lifeand cause them mental problems along with your corrupt rules. ECA andJudge Webb are taking parents (especially grandparents)rights away in your Mickey Mouse courtroom withyour sillyTPR trials.They have terminatedway to many parental rights.The trial attorney never wins.If the parent volunteers to give up their rights so a family member can adoptthe children the rules change.The family member,grandparents, lose the child to adoptionto someone else. I would like Judge Webb to explain that to us.If anyone is really interested in this you should read the story of the Hagerty's granddaughter. This is a case of the parent's signing their rights away so the grandparents could adopt. Then Judge Webb would not let them adopther. Judge Webb return the Hagerty's granddaughter to them. Judge Webb thought he could do the same with my son. Because of my husband and I we will never let that happen.My son loves his babies with all his heart and worries about them. What you andECA did in court was just very wrong to alot of us.On December 8, 2011, youdisrespected my son andthe Director ofthe rehabilitation center where he was staying.When my husband and I wentbefore you tofile a motion forvisits it was denied.Judge Webbdisrespected, humilated and called my husband names. Hewould not lookat any paperwork we had.Then your caseworker Mindy Morris stood up and told you Judge Webb we took advantage of a visit in the office that was totally untrue. I was then turned down by Judge WebbbecauseImade a bad judgement being married to my husband. We have proofthe audio tape for that day was altered. Well, since you don't want to know the truth Judge Webb here's the truth.That is a violation of our First Amendment.The truth ismy husband andI were running errands in November 2011 when we received a call from the mother asking if we could give her a ride to the ECA office to visit her children.The month before she got there 10minutes before the visit was over. She only has one hour a month visit and as a mother myselfI saidIwould take her.The motherask usif we would go in and help herwith the two youngchildren.We told her only if they areallowed ustoor otherwise,we willsithere until the visit is over.The Caseworkerand Guardian Ad Liem, Marsha Potts allowed us tocome in. So how could we have taken advantage of a visit when we were approved to see them??Marsha Potts,Guardian Ad Litem, cameto the jail to see my sonon February 2012, andtold him to give up his rights that he could have more children in the future. My son's attorney was not aware of this and she was told to never visit my son again. His attorney informed Judge Webb of this incident. Judge Webb replied this was not abig deal. Because of the power of ECA and Judge Webb these young parentsare confused as to what to do. There is another caseconcerning Nicole Harrington who isliving inArizona whoneeds her son back. These are just a few examples of the corruption of Judge Webb and ECA. There is many, many more stories such as this. So please for the children sign this petition.


jon laney loving caring grandparent fighting for our grandchildren



  • lisa baar This petition is so important, my 2 children age 5 and 6 have been taken from me without any explanation...They were taken from me at the courthouse while i was serving my sons father a nocontact order and 1 month later Judge Webb began adopting my children out of state...I was never given a reason, only that Mike Pisano(sons father) was a danger to my 2 children..This began Nov 3 2009 but my case was forgotten about for 1 yr and I'm still trying to find a way to get my children home to me...New Port Richey police came to court with me on behalf of my childrens return and Webb did NOT listen, he tpr my parental rights and never gave a reason...I had the support of NPR police to change my identity and my sons father signed his rights away....My children are my #1, i always was willing to change my name, ss#...Webb only cared about the $ in his pocket..I have no criminal record, my children were never hurt or injured, i gave a hair sample more than once to prove i never used drugs...PLEASE continue signing this petition...Webb needs to be held responsable for his illegal activity even with the criminal cases i have read...Please read the other cases, so important...

  • Philip Henn I've had an experience with Judge Webb years ago. He is rude and obnoxious to everyone. He is the poorest excuse for a Judge I ever saw. He should be in jail for all the grief he has caused to good people over the years in the name of the law. Judge Webb no compassion or understanding for anyone. Would have been a good Nazi soldier. How the County puts up with this is beyond me.

  • Maria Mayberry I'm pretty sure he is the same judge that let my oldest daughters father take her from a good home and allowed him to keep her a homeless shelter with him. My daughters father ended up raping her for a month then she was so scared she waited 2 years to tell me then good ole pasco county dropped the charges cause it was her word against his. Even tho he skipped the state when the officer came to speak to him

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