Correcting the second Hot Toys Loki's HEAD

We, the many fans of Loki (Thor 1-2, the Avengers)
kindly want to ask Hot Toys to work again on the action figures head and correct it to look close to the original face of the actor, Tom Hiddleston.

The first Loki action figure, , had a nearly perfect face, sporting the trademark cheeks bones, the smile and eyes of Mr Hiddleston. The new action figure lacks all those features.

Please take us serious and correct the head, Hot Toys-Team

yours truly,
the many fans of Loki Laufeyson.

p.s. please, Loki-fans, share this petition on tumblr as well:


  • Anonymous The head sculpt need to be redone by the artist who did the first Loki head sculpt. And He needs to have his iconic smile to make him different from the Avengers figure. Also, please don't ignore the many problems with the costume. The prototype for the avengers costume was perfect... but the final had many flaws that are now being carried over to this new version.

  • M. R. Frey This is a horrible head sculpt. Please fix it asap!

  • Chad Dove "The head sculpt need to be redone"

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