Corporate Terrorism; Vote NO to Peer to Peer Piracy Act

A bill entered into Congress by a California congressman called the \"Peer to Peer Piracy Prevention\" Act, if passed, would allow music and media industry \"hackers\" to attack peer-to-peer and individual home and business computers, and networks on a \"search and destroy\" mission for electronic copyright materials. This is a violation of our civil rights and the rights we are granted when we purchase music cd\'s. Any media file, if THEY believe it is copyrighted material would be corrupted and/or destroyed completely from the hard disks of personal home computers and internet sites! This bill, if exploited, could open up our computers to public view and they can shuffle through our files at will. It would also allow them to overload computer networks and internet sites with \"garbage files\" and multiple download requests to point that it would cause network outages. PLEASE VISIT MY WEB SITE AT THE LINK TO THE RIGHT FOR LINKS TO CONGRESS AND THE SENTATE, OR VISIT THEM DIRECTLY! Let them know you wont tolerate this kind of corporate terrorism! It\'s up to all of us to make sure this bill doesn\'t become law!


CCUU: Concerned Computer Users United



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    Comments: "All your bravado talk now is just that - talk. "I knew you were going to say that. But that's ok, you don't have to take my words for it. ----------So what if many peolpe are closet racist, does that mean being a racist, closet or not, is suddenly justified in some ways? I hope you did not mean that.-----------Are gays imposing their "gay values" on you? More likely they are asking for a break from the public's unrelenting discrimination. When you step on my toes and I asked you (politely or otherwise) to step off, you could not call that as imposing my will on you, could you?
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    Comments: This is both street smart and itnelielgnt.
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